Understanding FIV

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, extra commonly called FIV, is what’s referred to as a retrovirus. When retroviruses invade a number, they replicate inside the host by the use of an enzyme known as “reverse transcriptase”. The technique is to use its very own RNA as a template to create new DNA within cells of the host. In this way they prevent the host frame’s herbal immune defense mechanisms even as they make new copies of themselves. The virus then assaults the host’s immune reaction cells (antibodies) causing a reaction inside the host’s body, in this situation your cat, to produce accelerated degrees of antibodies. It turns into clearly a struggle waged within your cat’s body. With growing destruction of antibodies, the host’s body then turns into liable to other illnesses and infections that it commonly might locate smooth to fend off. The FIV virus and the HIV virus which reasons AIDS in humans paintings in very comparable ways.

How is FIV Transmitted?

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is fragile. It can be inactivated or destroyed with ultraviolet mild, exposure to high temperatures, drying of the liquid medium it’s transmitted in, or when subjected to detergents. Since this stuff can also be dangerous for your cat, this weak point can be simplest exploited whilst the virus is outside of her at some stage in the transmission stage of the virus from one cat to any other. Basically, which means maintaining your cat’s environment smooth can help lessen transmission of the sickness.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is maximum usually transmitted through bodily fluids, i.E. Saliva or blood. Male cats are greater prone to FIV than girls considering they tend to combat extra frequently. The first line of protection towards this ailment is to neuter your cat to lessen the instincts for territorial or sexually aggressive behavior. Limiting your cat’s touch with stray or feral cats may also reduce the occurrence of FIV contamination. If your kitty comes home with clean wounds, smooth them right now. It might not make certain prevention, but any and all efforts can handiest be useful to save you the infection of your preferred kitty.

The transmission of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus from a mom cat to her kittens may be very rare. If it does occur, it will usually occur whilst the mom is infected for the duration of lactation or gestation. Generally speaking, Queens infected earlier than pregnancy do no longer have inflamed kittens. And, properly moms don’t go away chunk wounds on their kittens.

One other component approximately retroviruses… They may be species unique. FIV happens best in cats (inclusive of the big wild cats, i.E. Lions, snow leopards, and many others.), much like HIV only happens in people; although it’s miles a derivative of a primate virus happening in chimpanzees. Which leads me to suppose that we should not be amazed if the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus must mutate and invade species which share genetic, physiological, environmental and/or different similarities with cats.

FIV Has three Stages of Development

The first stage of the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus infection is referred to as the “acute” stage and is characterised through fevers, susceptibilities to pores and skin & intestinal infections, and swollen lymph nodes. These symptoms normally arise 4-6 weeks after infection. At this time there may be increased stages of your cat’s antibodies present.
The 2nd level is known as the “latent”, more officially the subclinical degree, and there’re no signs and symptoms of the disease. This level may additionally remaining for years, however in the course of this period the immune device is slowly being destroyed.
The third level is the very last, AIDS-like stage whilst the immunodeficiency becomes intense. It happens maximum generally in cats five-12 years of age. In this medical stage the cat’s immune gadget isn’t running well and she is liable to infections that under everyday instances her frame could without difficulty ward off. But given that her immune gadget can’t maintain these infections underneath manipulate, they multiply rapidly inflicting ailment. Infections including these are called “opportunistic infections”.

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