Natural Immune Boosters

Natural immune boosters can defend you from the scary flu virus. I desired to keep this short and to the point, so allow’s get started.


Glutathione is the body’d high-quality antioxidant. It has been shown to boom the lifespan of immune cells, specifically B-cells and T-cells. This means extended antibody manufacturing and direct viral-killing consequences.

Take 500 mg/day of reduced glutathione on an empty stomach.


Ubiquinol CoQ10 is the second one maximum strong natural antioxidant. Higher blood degrees of CoQ10 complements the immune device’s direct viral-killing consequences.

Take 200 mg/day.

Vitamins E & C

Everybody is aware of about vitamins E and C. The immune system results of those vitamins are well documented and supported by several clinical studies. They work collectively with glutathione to prompt B-cells and T-cells.

Take four hundred IU/day of E and 2000 mg/day of C.

Zinc & Selenium

Zinc and selenium are natural immune boosting minerals that growth antibody manufacturing by way of activating B-cells. Antibodies bind to the flu virus and kill it.

Take 50 mg/day of zinc and 250 mcg/day of selenium.


Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that helps cell health and function. In human cellular subculture studies, it has been proven to dam the manufacture and launch of inflammation-causing substances, that can help assist a healthy immune reaction to seasonal viruses.

Additionally, quercetin facilitates to reduce sinus congestion, making it tough for viruses to enter your body. Take 500 mg/day of a quercetin extract.

Grapeseed Extract

The seeds from grapes incorporate herbal immune boosters that decorate the first-line of protection: herbal-killer cells (NK cells). NK-cells are responsible for orchestrating “seek & destroy” missions. They circulate throughout the vascular system attempting to find foreign invaders and killing them upon contact.

Take 500 mg/day of grapeseed extract.

Beta Glucan

A form of fiber, beta glucan can also enhance the function of NK-cells, the primary-line of protection. The carbohydrate a part of the fiber attaches to invading flu viruses and acts like a “tracker beam” for immune cells to comply with. Coated in fiber, the flu virus cannot hide and is without difficulty killed.

Take a hundred mg/day of beta glucan fibers.


The final herbal immune booster is the hormone melatonin. Not best does melatonin regulate sleep cycles, however it also manages the immune system’s communique mechanisms. Immune cells want melatonin to coordinate an attack by regulating the release of cytokines (protein molecules).

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