HIV Behaves Like Every Other Virus

Man lived with the HIV virus lengthy before it become found and earlier than massive numbers of people underwent AIDS checks. The identical applies to other forms of viruses. For instance, the herpes virus is found in out of 3 Americans; another thirds deliver the herpes elegance cytomegalovirus. Four out of 5 Americans walk round with the Eppstein-Barr virus, which in few of them causes mononucleosis or ‘kissing disease’. Even extra people are host to the papilloma virus, which is known to motive warts.

There is hardly all and sundry living on the earth who does not bring at the least a dozen or so viruses in his body, each one related to a specific infectious disorder. Yet no scientist inside the world might use those information to announce a mass outbreak of viral epidemics. Every experienced virologist knows that all these viruses are dormant, i.E., they were neutralized by way of the immune gadget. He also knows that this makes the infected humans immune towards re-infection, except of route the immune gadget is damaged or suppressed via other elements.

If HIV, herpes, and all of the other kinds of viruses which are latent in human beings and animals living on the planet were capable of killing people, there might hardly ever be all of us left to deal with the billions of patients. HIV, being a human retrovirus (produced with the aid of the body itself), is completely benign to its host cells and is, consequently, incapable of destroying any cellular it has inflamed. This applies mainly to the cells of the immune system, which are prepared with rather sophisticated defense mechanisms. For HIV to have any destructive fee, it would actually must flood the body with active viral debris.

Yet HIV can barely be detected even in past due level AIDS sufferers, no matter using the most sensitive of exams. The traces of HIV virus observed in some AIDS sufferers is inactive, this means that, it’s far harmless, and therefore not answerable for the destruction of the body. If HIV have been the reason of AIDS, it might have to do this during the 2 phases of HIV contamination wherein blood ranges of HIV are considerable:

1. Soon after contamination while the immune device produces antibodies.

2. At the very give up degree of AIDS whilst the levels of all viral hobby increase due to the fact the immune device has collapsed (due to other motives than HIV infection).

There is sufficient medical information to expose that HIV, being and remaining inactive even in AIDS patients, does no longer kill T-cells and, consequently, can’t purpose AIDS!

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