Tips Definition


COMPUTER: That affair that’s absolutely able but doesn’t accept annihilation you acquaint it to do! It looks like a TV, but if you absorb abundant time in foreground of it, you will accomplish money from it.

ISP: Internet Account Provider

SERVER: A computer that food web page files and makes them accessible to the internet.

DNS: Domain Name Server, The abode of the server, it looks like this ###.###.###.### or this, NS1.XXXXXXXX.COM (XXX = a word, and ### = a number)

DOMAIN:Is a different set of characters acclimated to analyze a section of cyberspace. These characters are alleged a ‘DOMAIN NAME’, NO TWO CAN BE THE SAME. They attending like,etc..( MMM = www)

PARKED DOMAIN:A Domain name that has been registered but hasn’t been HOSTED.

HOSTING: The account that provides a SERVER for a DOMAIN.

So we can see that a DOMAIN can be HOSTED on a SERVER and afresh files can be added to the ‘DOMAIN’ and this will accord you a…..

WEBSITE: All the files hosted on a server and are accessible on the internet application the different ‘DOMAIN NAME’

WEBPAGE: Any ONE of the Files (pages) on a WEBSITE they anniversary accept an NAME that comes afterwards the DOMAIN NAME. Like this;

URL: The abode of any WEBPAGE

HTML: Is the abject accent from which web pages are made.


Here are two of the a lot of accepted questions from Newbies. One is abstruse the added is Marketing related.

How do I accomplish my hyperlink accessible in a new window and why do I wish that to happen?

HERE”S HOW in acknowledgment to a catechism I accustomed afresh about creating a ‘Download page’

It answers the aloft questions and gives some added admired tips.

TIP #1

Hi, I clicked on your XXXXX hotlink and begin that it formed fine. However, it loaded the XXXXX page in the aforementioned window as yours, so I was taken abroad from your download page, actual annoying for anyone aggravating to download.

To fix it do this: Add “target=_blank” into the cipher afterwards the URL. Accomplish abiding you save your aboriginal page aboriginal and plan on a copy, afresh if your archetype is done upload it and analysis it, afresh save it as the aboriginal on your board top, afresh upload the new aboriginal to your server. Done!

(In this archetype I use [ ] instead of V brackets, to accomplish this publishable.)

[a href=””target=”blank”]Click here[/a]

Tip #2

Here’s a affable way accomplish affairs SAVE YOUR EBOOK abounding of your links on their computer.

If you don’t do this they ability just attending at the ebook in their browser and afresh abutting it. You will accept absent them maybe for ever, but if you fabricated them save it assimilate their harder drive; you will consistently get addition chance, even if they abolish themselves from your commitment list. The links are still in the E book on their computer, and who knows if they ability accessible it afresh and go click!

HERE’S HOW: Just use this as a guide.

Step Two: “NAME OF THE EBOOK” ‘Right Bang Here’ and baddest ‘Save Target as’ or ‘Save Hotlink as’ (Mozilla) advantage from the pop-up window to download the eBook. Afresh Save the eBook to a area on your harder drive area you can calmly acquisition it. Accomplish a agenda of the area that you’ve adored it to so you can calmly admission it afresh in the future.

NOTE: Add the “target=_blank” cipher to the “right bang here” link, so that if they just larboard bang and amount to their browser at atomic your download page (with a hotlink aback to home) is still on their board top!


Adding “target=_blank” to all links on a home page will accumulate the home page on the affairs board top for as continued as accessible this will admission the affairs of a assurance up!

WARNING!!! DON’T use the cipher to accessible a new window on links aback to your home page this will just abrade people.

Below, is a complete arrangement for a archetypal download page. I accept acclimated ” to announce the hyperlinks. You should use “target=_blank” on all links except the one that takes them home.


Step One: You will charge XXsoftwareXX to apprehend the E-book. If you do not accept it installed on your computer, Please ‘CLICK HERE’ to get the software.

Step Two: “NAME OF THE EBOOK” ‘Right Bang Here’ and baddest ‘Save Target as’ or ‘Save Hotlink as’ (Mozilla) advantage from the pop-up window to download the eBook.

Step Three: Save the eBook to a area on your harder drive area you can acquisition it easily. Accomplish a agenda of the area area you adored it, so that you can calmly admission it afresh in the future.